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Meditation & Yoga

Personal Meditation Sessions One on One or Small Group Sessions in your home or in office.

The medical, spiritual and scientific worlds all agree that stress is the number one cause of many illnesses and disease.  They also agree that meditation is a wonderful tool to reduce stress and aid in physical, mental, and emotional health.  For many of us it is very difficult to sit, be still and quiet the ongoing chatter in our minds.  Meditation takes practice, patience and a willingness to suspend our judgment of ourselves.   It is my desire to help you achieve this and to find methods of meditation that are best suited for you as an individual. My goal as a mediation teacher is that you will be able to take your practice home with you and develop your own regular meditation ritual.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to meditation.  I will help you explore the various options and find the practices that work best for you.  I offer a variety of both silent and guided meditation practices to assist in the transformation of your mind, body and spirit.

These practices include:

  • Simple traditional silent meditation, focusing on the breath
  • Open eye meditation
  • Meditations specifically designed to help you identify and let go of past beliefs that are holding you back
  • Meditations to help transform your subconscious which will allow you to move forward in your life
  • “Light Body” Meditations which allow you to go inside and change beliefs at a cellular level
  • Meditations based on Law of Attraction which are designed to help you magnetize yourself to abundance in all forms – including peace and happiness, a soul mate, career, financial abundance, transforming your physical body, health and healing, improving your memory
  • Meditations which incorporate breath work and chanting
  • Walking meditation
  • Visualization meditations
  • Mindfulness Meditation – being fully present
  • Meditations to calm anxiety and grief
  • Meditations to help you connect to your higher self
  • Future Visioning mediations to help you design the life that you desire in all areas of your life
  • Meditations to overcome phobias
  • Yoga Nidra
  • And many, many more

Healing Rituals


House or Office Clearings – using sage and other smudging/clearing materials.

A clearing is a ritual performed to clear the energy in a living space or working environment.  Similar to the idea of throwing open the windows on the first warm spring day to let the old stale air out, clearing removes the stagnant energy from the room making room for new, fresh, vital energy.  Clearings can be performed for specific events, such as the opening of a business, moving into a new home, following the passing of a resident of a home, the birth of a child, or it can be done every few months for “housekeeping” purposes.

There are many ways to clear space.  I prefer the smudging method used by Native Americans, which entails the burning of wands of dried sage, lavender, cedar or other herbs.  This is similar to the ritual use of incense or burning of candles in services of many religions in our culture, representative of carrying our prayers upward to the heavens.   However, in instances where someone may be sensitive to smoke, or there is not adequate ventilation, other methods of clearing can be performed, using materials such as crystals, sea salt, sound such as Tibetan bells, and the use of salted water.

A clearing takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the size of the space, the number of rooms, and other factors.  The space should be cleaned dusted and organized prior to the ritual.  The clearing ritual begins with a blessing and setting of an intention for the space to be cleared.  The practitioner then moves through the space affirming the attention and burning a wand of sage or other smudging material, beginning at the front door and moving in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on which way the smoke leads, fanning the small stream of smoke through the house.  A blessing and reaffirmation of the intention ends the ritual.

Healing Circles/Memorials For Loved Ones, Including Beloved Pets

Healing Circles/Memorials for loved ones, both humans and our beloved pets, with or without tree or other plantings.

Following the passing of a loved one it is very helpful in moving through the grieving process to have a special place in our homes or yards to hold memories of our loved one – a place where we can sit and remember, laugh and cry and simply feel close to the spirit and memory of our loved one.

Healing Circles or memorial rituals can be held inside your home or outside in your yard to create a sacred space to honor your loved one.  These rituals vary from person to person based upon each individual’s needs and desires.  They can include other friends and relatives, or just the members of the household.  A tree, shrub or plant can be planted in a space outside your home or in a pot inside your home, in a corner or on a shelf, dedicated to the memory of your loved one.   Prayers and blessings for love, peace and healing are a part of the ritual. Song, chanting or storytelling by those attending can be included.  The ritual can be a short ceremony or a longer ceremony.  Each ritual is unique and customized according to your needs and desires.

As part of the planning of the ritual ceremony I will speak with you and together we will create a clear picture of your desire and intention in regard to your ceremony.

Due to the customized nature of Clearings, Healing Circles and Memorials, rates vary.