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Eileen is such a sweet lady who really loves what she does. She is a great energy healer and a phenomenal Reiki teacher. She really goes out of her way to answer all students questions and cares about the emotions of all her students during her Reiki trainings. I...


I started working with Eileen during a time of transition in my life – transition in my work, my family and my self. She helped me choose how I wanted to handle the changes and where I wanted them to lead. She supported me through fear and confusion to clarity and...


I am truly grateful for being coached by Eileen. In the last few months your coaching sessions were amazing and productive. Thank you for shedding some light and giving me the ability to see things from a different perspective. You’re an awesome coach!!


As a fellow coach, mother, woman and human, my time with Eileen has been priceless! She doesn’t allow me to wallow in my own destructive thinking. She is always encouraging me to be my best. I can count on her to always be there, saying the right thing at the right...


We have been seeing Eileen for Reiki. She is fantastic at her work. She is a blessing to us and our family. Because of Eileen’s incredible gift, my husband is now participating in Eileen’s Reiki training. We strongly recommend her wonderful services!!!

Nancy D

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for my sessions I have had with Eileen. During each session, Eileen asked what was going on in my life and if I had any areas that weren’t working the way I would like. She then went through some exercises with me to help...